This a must read post, Tasha has written a fun and informative post for all to read and glean a better understanding of the benefits of a Fountaine-Pajot Multihull.

This is probably obvious, but it needs to be said: we LOVE our boat. There is no such thing as the perfect boat, of course, but there is the right boat for the journey you’re planning. And we definitely made the right choice of boat for us and this round-the-world trip.

The main things we love? The comfort and the performance. Even with crew on board, having upgraded from a 34-foot monohull, we feel positively spoiled for space. And contrary to common lore about catamarans, the Helia sails beautifully – she’s fast and light, especially going downwind, and she’s not that bad pointing upwind, either, though it’s not Cheeky Monkey‘s most comfortable point of sail. Yes, there is some slapping of waves under the hull when beating into rough weather, but it’s no more disturbing than what we’ve experienced on monohulls in stormy conditions. Also, we love the modern layout, the brightness and the incredibly spacious and comfortable cockpit, which is where we spend most of our time on board.
For us and this journey sailing around the world, the Helia is about as perfect as a boat can get.


PARTY BOAT! Sailing from Cartagena to San Blas – Chase the Story 30

It’s time for a boat party in paradise! In this episode we leave Cartagena and get escorted through some beautiful azure waters by a large pod of dolphins as we sail along the Caribbean coast of Panama. After sailing for 120 miles we arrive to the remote desert island backpacker paradise of San Blas, Panama! We get all the water toys out and have some extreme fun in the sun playing among the tropical islands in the most amazingly clear blue water we’ve seen in a long time. Bruna and Jemma show off their newfound wakeboarding skills. We find that the paddleboard is easily the preferred mode of transportation for dodging dolphins and stingrays around paradise. We leave Cheeky Monkey and head off to a tropical desert island to have a magical evening of bonfires, guitar and a picnic of freshly caught lobster. AND we’re off to one of the most densely populated islands on earth Wichub Wala and Porvenir to pick up Cheeky Monkey’s final crewmember for the Pacific crossing, Lance from St John!i

Brexit vote will effect Multihull Boaters in EU.

After the results of last weeks vote to leave the EU, its seems boater will face uncertainty for a couple of cruising seasons. 

Article 50 of the EU regulations lays down that the UK will continue to be subject to EU regulations for two years while the legal and financial disentanglement is unraveled.

Much of the regulation currently experienced by boaters emanates from the EU. This legislation covers red diesel, control of borders for both humans and invasive non-native species, pet passports, biocides (especially antifouling), and Marine Protected Areas; exit from the EU will have an unclear and unpredictable impact on all of these as well as other in other areas.

Much of maritime law is still in the preserve of national governments, facilitated by United Nations conventions and agreements, and is therefore unlikely to be affected.


Daniel’s Bay, Nuka Hiva, Marquesas

Check out #Speakeasy and #Moonshadow in Daniel’s Bay, Nuka Hiva, Marquesas. For you survivor fans, this is where Survivor Marquesas was filmed way back in 2002!

Gunboat 48

The GUNBOAT 48 is an amazing multihull, designed for family sabbatical cruising, the 48 features three queen berths, a convertible office or 4th berth and two heads. The simple and informal accommodations are light and airy. The salon, helm and galley are located on the main deck within the pilothouse. The aft cockpit is well protected from the sea and cozy. Owners of GUNBOAT 48 love their boats. They only rarely appear in our brokerage listings, and like all Gunboats.


Gunboat 48


Impi is a catamaran sailing around the world

Hi everyone, Impi is a catamaran sailing around the world with a couple, Brent and Ana, having left South Africa some 5 years ago. In this video we have visited some islands around New Caledonia and here in Part 1 of a 2 part series we show our visits to a group of islands around the SW side of New Caledonia and just NW of Noumea.

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Chase the Storey on board Cheeky Monkey

Chase the Storey on board Cheeky Monkey

Local multihull dealer recognised for Asia-Pacific sales and service.

Local multihull dealer recognised for Asia-Pacific sales and service.

Local multihull yacht dealer, Multihull Solutions, was recently awarded the Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts Dealer of the Year (Asia Pacific) award, which was presented at the shipyard’s worldwide dealer conference in Hyeres in South of France. The award was accepted by Multihull Solutions Asia general manager Andrew de Bruin.



Yachtworld | Catamaran sailing techniques


Yachtworld | Catamaran sailing techniques

The view from the cockpit of a cruising catamaran as you prepare to leave the dock for the first time can be intimidating. But as multihull guru Nigel Irens explains, there are a few simple tips to help you get away cleanly with your pride and insurance excess intact.

Victory Explorer | Crossing South Africa to Toliara, Madagascar

This is a video-journal of a sailing trip from Richards Bay, South Africa to Toliara, Madagascar onboard a 40ft catamaran with an unusual sailing rig inspired by the traditional dhows of Mozambique, crewed by three young South Africans with high hopes of surf and adventure in Madagascar.

Boat: Victory Xplorer (
Crew: Dean Edwards, Renier Wait, Michael van Rooyen