PARTY BOAT! Sailing from Cartagena to San Blas – Chase the Story 30

It’s time for a boat party in paradise! In this episode we leave Cartagena and get escorted through some beautiful azure waters by a large pod of dolphins as we sail along the Caribbean coast of Panama. After sailing for 120 miles we arrive to the remote desert island backpacker paradise of San Blas, Panama! We get all the water toys out and have some extreme fun in the sun playing among the tropical islands in the most amazingly clear blue water we’ve seen in a long time. Bruna and Jemma show off their newfound wakeboarding skills. We find that the paddleboard is easily the preferred mode of transportation for dodging dolphins and stingrays around paradise. We leave Cheeky Monkey and head off to a tropical desert island to have a magical evening of bonfires, guitar and a picnic of freshly caught lobster. AND we’re off to one of the most densely populated islands on earth Wichub Wala and Porvenir to pick up Cheeky Monkey’s final crewmember for the Pacific crossing, Lance from St John!i

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